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launch event: 15 - 18 March 2018 - a success!

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The Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival is to be an annual event celebrating and promoting Afro-Latin dance and music in Johannesburg and South Africa. the launch event took place 15-18 March 2018, bringing together a diverse crowd from across South Africa and beyond.

Afro-Latin dance and music is dynamic and globally evolving. There are communities in the far corners of the world promoting and developing a plethora of music and dance styles -- with roots firmly in Africa. There is also an increasing international interest in Afro-Beat music, for example, and African dance styles, providing a natural opportunity to explore the 'Afro' in 'Afro-Latin'.

In Johannesburg and around South Africa there is a significant and growing Afro-Latin social dancing and music scene with many organisations and companies offering classes, events and performances as well as musicians, bands and specialist DJs.

The event aims to be an enlightening and entertaining experience for local and international guests, focusing on salsa, bachata, kizomba and Afro-beat initially, and an opportunity to learn more about the provenance and development of these genres and styles.

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The Launch event took place in the heart of Johannesburg's dynamic Braamfontein neighbourhood at venue thirteen, with a pre-party hosted by Dance Cafe in rivonia and an after-party at cafe royale, craighall.

Watch this space for 2019 venue announcements!


Because we wanted something that was more than a dance congress, we coordinated music and dance education workshops and seminars that offered knowledge, focused training and fun for dancers, music and dance enthusiasts and even musicians, along with a stream for absolute beginners.

Watch this space for an overview of the 2018 schedule and feedback from participants!

The Launch schedule featured:

  • 30+ workshops over three days
  • Dance, music and general education workshops and seminars
  • All flavours of salsa, bachata, kizomba, modern African dance and even some Afro-Beat!
  • Welcome Party - Friday 16 March - Thirteen
  • Official Launch Party - Saturday 17 March - Thirteen
  • Pre-party on Thursday 15 March - Dance Café
  • After-party on Sunday 18 March - Café Royale

Our Team

Olu Olu (Olu Kongi) and MamboCat (Catherine Peter) have founded the Festival as a means to celebrate Afro-Latin dance and music and the genre's capacity to bring people and communities together.