Ignacio Priego (Spain) - speaker

MBA in Arts Management and graduated in History and Musicology, Ignacio Priego led a music and audiovisual business for a decade in Spain, pursuing a career as producer (concerts, festivals, exhibitions) and DJ at international level (SUPEC Shanghai, Venice and Havana Bienales).

Since 2010 he is based in southern Africa, working for various organisations operating in the creative industries field (AECID, British Council, UNESCO, etc.). He currently coordinates Concerts SA, the live music support programme of The SAMRO Foundation. He is responsible for the Music Mobility Fund, having supported over 200 tours in the SADC region. 

Ignacio has been exploring for years the transatlantic connections through music as cultural producer, DJ and communicator. From promoting concerts and tours by Afro-Latin artists (multiple rumba and flamenco bands from Spain, Colombian salsa ensemble La 33, etc.), to dance nights and parties (including Universities and clubs like Kitcheners), and the media (regular collaborations on radio and press).