Casa da Capoeira (South Africa)

Casa da Capoeira South Africa also known as “CDC”, was established in [1996] in Johannesburg by Mestre Paulo Palinhos & Contramestre Corujão [Lucas Mthenjane] and has since had a very strong Capoeira presence in the Gauteng province with weekly classes running in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The current grading system is based on the Capoeira Sporting Federation of Rio de Janeiro [FCDRJ] rules and regulations, giving CDC grading credibility across the world. CDC is an autonomous Capoeira school and is currently under the leadership of Marco Loureiro (Johannesburg) and the technical guidance of Mestre Evaldo Bogado from Associação de Capoeira Barravento from Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro. 

Numerous workshops happen on a yearly basis with local Mestres from CDC or other affiliate schools. Every 2 years CDC hosts it's grading with International Mestres attending the event to further develop the current Capoeira knowledge within the school. CDC has also cemented significant relationships with other legitimate Capoeira schools around the country and outside of South Africa. In addition, the school co-founded AAFRICAP, an association of Capoeira academies in Africa.