Dance instructor: Bircan Tulga (UK/Italy)

Bircan is the one of the most explosive dancers to hit the London dance floors in recent years. Discovering his passion for salsa seven years ago in London and inspired by the infamous Super Mario, and world renowned Susana Montero, Bircan developed his passion for “On 2” and hasn’t stopped dancing since. 

One of the most loveable personalities on the dance floor, Bircan impressed dancers across the world with his dedication, enthusiasm and sheer energy and was soon invited by Adolfo Indacochea to train with him in Milan, Italy with the world renowned Latin Soul Dancers from 2010-2014. Here Bircan developed his intricate turn patterns, body movement and fast foot work which he is so loved for and which can now be found back in the London Salsa Scene. Bircan’s infectious energy and smooth Mambo style sees him loved by all, from the dance floor to the studio.

Bircan is also a professional photographer and videographer.

Meet Bircan: