Dance Instructor & DJ Julian Mr M! (Colombia/UK)

Julian Esteban Marmolejo Quinceno, a.k.a. "Julian Mr M"

DJ, Instructor & Presenter

Julian Mr M first sent shock waves through the Latin Music scene back in 2002 when he started teaching Salsa and DJ-ing at Latino Sound, the biggest weekly salsa night in the UK at the time, right in the middle of London, Leicester Square. Here he managed not only to exercise his passion for music but also to introduce a young, fresh crowd to salsa and other forms of Latin music. 

Julian is a well known latin music DJ & dance teacher who has traveled the world spreading his love and passion for Latin music, dance, entertainment and culture. 

Julian was the main presenter of Carnaval Del Pueblo, London (at one time the largest free Latin dance festival in Europe), and is recognised around the world for MCing and his ability to animate the crowd. 

Julian has been awarded Top Salsa DJ in the UK, Top Resident DJ in the UK Award 2009, Runner-up for Top World Salsa DJ Award, and nominated for Best Salsa DJ Award at the UK Lukas Awards. He quickly went on to build his reputation as one of the most in-demand DJs on the salsa festival circuit both within the UK and Europe as well as internationally,  boasting appearances at clubs and events including Glastonbury Festival, UK, Oxygen Festival, Ireland and Club Cheyenne Alicante, Spain to name a few, as well as presenting and MC-ing for some of the biggest names in salsa and Latin music including Tito Nieves, Willie Colon, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Oscar de Leon, Jerry Rivera, Rey Ruiz, Tego Calderon, Hector el Father and more.

With a solid knowledge of the musical history of salsa and an ear for recognizing the latest hit, Julian Mr M keeps the floor pumping all night long. His method of mixing and fusing different musical genres with Latin beats has given him his own unique signature that is recognizable from the moment you step in the door. 

Julian Mr M is also a teacher and performer of salsa and bachata. Performances include 'East Meets West' Diwali Festival at the Royal Albert Hall and the Queen's Jubilee at the Royal Opera House. As well as teaching at various venues in and around London and the UK, he can be heard motivating the dance floors at his current residencies in London.