Brought to you by Estilo Cubano, dance instructor, Adrian Pozo (Cuba)

Who is Adrian Pozo?

Known as "the warrior", he is a dancer and teacher and was born in Santiago
de Cuba.  He started out in the world of art when he was just 12 years old
at Casa de la Cultura – called the House of Students – where he started to
learn about Cuban dances in 2000.

Later, Adrián joined an amateur folk group called IKACHE where he worked in
different dance styles such as dance and ballet, among others. For his
performance as a dancer, he, together with the dancers of “Conjunto
Folklórico y Cutumba”, was invited to join a project where he was awarded
the category of excellence. Two years later, Adrián joined the AcheChure
folk group and was part of it for two years. And during 2012, he danced for
the Traditional Dance Company of Cuba.

After spending some time in the world of folklore, this dancer began to
work for the Narciso Medina Dance Company where he performed
”Metamorphosis” – an internationally recognised dance. His performance was
excellent, and he obtained the maximum qualification.

Currently, Adrián belongs to the rumba group "Rumberos de Cuba" and is an
instructor at "La Casa del Son" – one of the best-known dance schools in
Havana. His other achievements include sharing the stage with Mariesly
Paradelo, one of the main dance teachers at this school, and participating
in the recording of the video clip "Bembé" with Maykel Blanco y su Salsa

Having mastered a wide variety of different dance styles, this teacher and
dancer is a prime example of how passion, dedication, and hard work can
result in incredible achievements.