Dance instructor: Adnab Jay (Zambia)

Adnab Jay

Growing up in a low-income shanty compound in Lusaka called Chipata, Adnab Jay (JOPHAEL) absorbed traditional Zambian dance from his family, friends and surroundings and picked up American styles from a black & white television at home.  He took his first salsa class as a teenager and quickly rose to become a teacher, eventually he was crowned the King of Salsa in Zambia in 2011. Now he is a founding member, choreographer and the artistic director of WE DANCE LUSAKA, a dance company that promotes professional and high-quality dance classes and performances. Since attaining the crown, Adnab Jay has since developed his career on the international stage teaching and performing in many other countries and events like Finland, Sweden, Estonia, South Africa and UAE. Adnab Jay also teaches different genres of dance ranging from African, Latin, hip hop and contemporary Afro-fusion. He complements his dance life with another career as a graphics designer, having worked for the largest companies in the graphic design industry in Zambia over the past 11 years.