Dance instructors & performers: Frida & Junior (African Heart Dance Passion, Mozambique/South Africa)

Junior and Frida are a young couple from Mozambique, currently based in Durban-South Africa. Founders of the recently-launched kizomba, Salsa and Afro-beat dance company called African Heart Dance Passion, they were introduced to kizomba in Mozambique through the well-established and famous Maputo-based school of kizomba called 'Passos Básicos' in which, later on, they became dance instructors. Their passion, resilience and commitment to dance has allowed them to expand their aspirations of not just dancing to becoming instructors and recently having their names stamped on the list of the champions of kizomba in Mozambique and internationally.

The couple has performed extensively and conducted workshops in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland,  Kenya and Portugal. The highlight of their career was their participation at 2016 editions of the National Competition of Kizomba held in Maputo having won First Place and in Lisbon (Portugal) at the acclaimed world kizomba championship called 'Africa Dançar' 2016 in which they were placed 3rd international kizomba Championship.

They recently won the title of 2017 Kizomba World Champions at the biggest kizomba competitionin the world, that took place in Lisbon-Portugal. From there they have been traveling to many festivals like (Amsterdam-Nossa Kizomba,  Holand-Kizomba Temptation, Spain- Symposium),  and lots other festivals, doing what they do best.